The company has managed to deliver our customers with the best quality products in time.

Having close contact with companies from Europe, Korea, Japan and China has made us

successful in providing technical services and efficient brokerage for our clients. The company

handles the entire process of obtaining quotation until delivery to the customer’s warehouse.

Our customers are informed continuously through the entire process by online tracking system.

Some of our clients and their orders from 250$ to 600,000 $.

Kashan Univesity

  • Supplying piezoelectric & transducer from China
  • Providing ultrasonic mill cutting tools from Germany
  • Supply and commissioning of micro-vibration sensor, converter and display
  • Components required for ultrasonic laboratory


Saban Sanat Engineering Company

  • Mobile oil desalination unit from Canada



  • Importation of Piezo actuators from Germany
  • Lancier Cable from Germany
  • Trepanning tool from Iran and availability from Spain
  • Burnishing tool from Turkey